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We are a ticketing company with a social purpose. We launched in 2017 to help those in need through the power of live events and entertainment. We were originally a traditional ticketing platform that allowed users to donate to charity when they bought their tickets. However, we soon realised that with an average of 40% live event tickets unsold, there was more to be done to link our beneficiaries with the live events industry. We decided to make the tickets a form of donation in themselves, to improve access to events for those in need.

We launched The Ticket Bank in 2019 so that venues and event partners could pledge their unsold tickets to us. We connect the unsold tickets with those in need, helping our charity partners and their beneficiaries to experience live events, leading to positive social impact and a fuller audience for the venue.

In 2021, we also launched our NHS platform to give back to frontline workers. Through partnerships with NHS trusts up and down the country, this platform will allow all NHS staff and volunteers to take a moment for themselves and feel the benefit of live events.

To date, we have given away thousands of tickets to many exciting events for the people who need it the most. We believe that it is important to build an audience from all corners of society, and we hope we are doing our bit to help.

If you'd like to learn more about our business model, please visit How It Works.

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Our Values

At Tickets For Good, our values are simple. We do good using:

  • Customer Focused: A human-centric, data and technology company, that enables peoples to do good  
  • Respectful: Inclusive and non-judgemental of the needs of others 
  • Playful: The live entertainment industry is at our core. We believe life and work should be enjoyable 
  • Bold: Not afraid to put new ideas forward. Challenging orthodoxy and finding new ways to succeed
  • Resourceful: Continuously aim to make better our technology and the impact we have on people. Learning from failure. 
  • Accountable: Everything we do has a measurable impact in people's lives. 

Our Team

Steve Rimmer Tickets For Good CEO
Steve Rimmer

Founder & CEO

Is the CEO of Tickets for Good. In his spare time, he loves cycling and wild swimming. Fun fact: Steve is an ex-junior Olympic swimmer!

Nev Mosey

Co-Founder & COO

Is Tickets For Good's COO. As well as working with us, he likes listening to Techno and cooking.

Grant Ripley

Senior Project Manager

When Grant isn't working with us, you can find him caring for his house plants and managing a band in Sheffield.

Tickets for Good Philip Slade-1
Philip Slade

Brand Strategist and Business Mentor

Philip is one of our fantastic advisors with a lot of experience under his belt, from working with Saatchi & Saatchi to launching three startup companies.

Conor Burke
Conor Burke

Healthcare Advisor

Conor brings a lot of valuable experience to our team as a former NHS CEO and system leader. He now runs CPB Healthcare Consulting, an independent management consultancy.

Conor enjoys his work with us as he gets to make a tangible difference in the lives of disadvantaged people through our team's commitment and social mission.